1. The right to utilise, publicise or use the images of a photo model in any other manner shall not be constituted before Wiener Models Model Management GmbH is in receipt of full payment.

    The contractual partner shall only be entitled to publicise the shots taken in edited contributions and in catalogues or leaflets. Any further publication rights shall explicitly require prior consultation with Wiener Models Model Management GmbH.

    Unless otherwise agreed, any publication or utilisation rights shall expire one year after the material was published for the first time.

  2. In the event of default of payment, 1% interest per month shall be charged. It shall be agreed that in such a case the customer additionally is to pay any accumulated reminder fees.

  3. If an already confirmed booking is cancelled 7 or more days before the agreed commencement of work, 50% - any later 100% - of the total fee shall be charged plus any accrued expenses.

  4. A working day shall be maximally 8 hours long exclusive of the lunch break; half a working day shall be no longer than 4 hours. For overtime or working hours during the night (10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) a surcharge of 50% of the hourly rate shall be charged.

  5. Unless otherwise agreed, half a daily fee shall be charged for every day of travelling.

  6. Accrued expenses shall be charged as follows:

    a) Costs for overnight stays (these include bed and breakfast) shall be fully borne by the contractual partner.
    Travel expenses (flight, first-class rail, taxi, bus, kilometre allowance etc) shall also be fully borne by the contractual partner.

    b) In the case of appointments that take place outside of Vienna’s city borders (surroundings of Vienna), the agency shall charge 12.25% of the total daily rate.

    c) If, in the case that a day is booked, no adequate refreshments are provided, a daily expense allowance shall be charged in accordance with section 26 of the Einkommenssteuergesetz (Austrian Income Tax Act).

  7. If a principal is involved on the account of which or on behalf of which the customer is acting, the customer and the principal shall be jointly liable for the payment of the fees. Both shall become contractual partners in terms of the General Terms and Conditions of Business.

    In addition, in the event of default of payment of the principal, the customer shall assign its claim against the principal to Wiener Models Model Management GmbH, which can use the proceeds to settle the claim.

  8. Each time a booked model performs work for the customer, the customer shall insure the model, i.e. the customer shall assume liability for any accidents, injuries, etc. occurring to the model within the context of this contract. We recommend taking out liability insurance and an accident insurance.

  9. In the event of non-compliance with the booking caused by the model or the agency Wiener Models Model Management GmbH, only the fee including the agency commission shall not be charged. Any further liability, recourse, warranty or claim to damages shall be excluded.

  10. Place of jurisdiction and place of performance shall be Vienna.

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